Convert a Higher Percentage of Leads into Closed Sales

Close up of a rolodex fileLead management lies at the heart of any successful sales and marketing campaign:

Whether you are entering new markets, acquiring new customers or building more profitable relationships with existing customers; insightful market intelligence will optimize the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives…

How to Cold Call More Effectively

Knotted telephone cordTips for breaking through the fear of cold calling:

In today’s economic environment, decision-makers are inundated with cold calls from people trying to sell them something. It’s no wonder that the rejection rate is so high and that sales people are becoming frustrated and demoralized….

Establishing a New Sales Territory

image of several globes

Considering expansion into a new territory is a complex undertaking:

It requires foresight and significant planning to ensure that your goals are realistic, that you create an efficient use of employee and financial resources and finally, that you have identified your competition and your target market in both size and potential opportunity…

How to Build a Highly Targeted Prospect List

Outsourced b2b lead generation spiral leadsThe foundation of any successful sales / marketing campaign is a quality list:

Regardless of where you obtained your list, chances are it still needs further pre-qualification. Most lists allow you to narrow down your search criteria to specific industry and geographical sectors or, size by revenue / number of employees; however, to ensure that you have a properly targeted prospect list that offers a high rate of sales conversion you will need to do a little extra work…